Optifree Solution

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    Caution & Warnings :

    • Use the solution to clean the case before storing the cleaned lenses .
    • Rinse once again before applying the lens .
    • With the Opti-Free lens solution, no other lens care products are required .
    • Follow the instruction manual included with the product .
    • After disinfection, discard the remaining solution .
    • Never reuse the solution
    • Use for 3 months after opening (90 days Only)
    • Keep away from children
    • Store in a cool dry place
    • Do not use water or saliva to cleanse your contact lenses. It can be hazardous to your vision .
    • Do not use the solution if any signs of irritation or allergies are observed .
    • Do not use a different bottle to store the solution; it will no longer remain sterile.
    • Keep the solution lid tight and avoid contact with any surface.
    • Keep it out of reach of children .
    • This product contains Polyquad® 0.001%, Aldox 0.0005%, Tetronic 1304, Citrate, EDTA, Boric Acid, Sorbitol, Aminomethylpropanol
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